Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Season of Hope

Not a huge update tonight.  Time has been limited and busy this past week.  Since there is no district mandated final for Junior English, we're all working to put one together.  Needless to say my nights have been busy.  The good thing is, we're nearly caught up, and that's a good feeling.

Saturday was Title 1 tutoring again (Saturday School) which meant we check the kids in to do work, make certain their working, and then use what time this might give us to work as well.  I'm caught up!  I've not been able to say that in a long time.  Tonight, I am caught up.  Took this panoramic shot during our 4th hour:

So that's actually, starting on the left our cafeteria from North to South.  Pretty sweet?  Can you find my boss giving me the evil eye?

One of the nicer things about Saturday School is I've used some of my time therein to work on my latest short story.  For the first time I've not done any editing yet; I'm just trying to get all of my ideas down and on paper, and then I'll go back and proof and improve.  This will either totally change how I write, or be an enormous waste of time.  We'll see!

Do I look like I'm typing with great intensity?

Or do I just look fat?  :)

Last week of school is this week.  Not counting finals which is 3 days next week.  Still.  Hopefully the kids won't be too antsy.  Hopefully the problems will be few.  Hopefully I'll be on top of things, smiling, singing Christmas tunes, and remembering the true meaning of the season.

Hopefully.  :)