Sunday, March 24, 2013

...all the single ladies...

If there's anything I've learned this season it's that teaching in Utah is way more demanding than I was expecting.  My plans and schemes have too often stomped on the expectations of debate and drama.  I needed to give both more time, in terms of state and region competition, but my agenda has made such difficult.  Next year I'll still be able to get much of what I want done, but I'm going to have to do it in a different order with different priorities.  For example, rather than doing the 30x60 during the spring, I'll pull it back and do it the second quarter, so that we're ready for some after school rehearsals shortly after the musical is done. That way there won't be the crossover that I've suffered the last few weeks.

You've no idea how crazy it has been trying to rehearse 2 productions at the same time.  It's just too busy.  It's just too time consuming.  It's just lacking in sanity.  We pulled off the 30x60 Thursday night, and for the most part it was successful, but it could have been better.  More time for costumes, more time to practice and rehearse lighting and sound cues, and more time to tweak the little things would have really helped us.  Still, I learned a lot from it, and have a better idea how to do it next time, more effectively.

Region Drama competition was yesterday, and with rehearsing for 2 shows, I really had to let the kids prepare on their own.  While initially I had more than 20 kids planning to attend and participate, in the end 11 attended and only 5 competed.  It was a fun and memorable day, including flirting with a judge that was just adorable, and spending time with other teachers who have been doing this longer than I have.  There's some strength and friendship there that I hope will grow in upcoming years.  On the positive side, all 5 of my students qualified for state; on the challenging side: state competition is the same weekend as You're a Good Man Charlie Brown.  I have no idea how to fix that.

Speaking of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, we've been planning on rehearsing a lot over spring break which officially began Friday.  However, for reasons I don't totally understand, the school decided to shut off power and lock the school for the week.  No option to get in the school.  So I did some asking and hopefully today I'll get a key and we'll be using the cultural hall at church this week.  It'll be different and challenging, but at least it'll let us rehearse.  We'll be pulling 5-6 hour rehearsals, but if this week goes well, we should be in good shape for 11-13 of next month.  I'm optimistic, and I hope to remain there.

Aside from myself, there's a ton going on in the family.  Brien's opening a new business, Kayla's moving back to be with her mom, I have no idea what I'm doing for Easter, and Eron and his family are moving to Vegas.  And what does that mean for my summer?  I loved Spokane because it was so beautiful and comfortable; neither adjective describes Las Vegas.  Maybe this means my summers of lazily hanging out with my bro and his family are coming to an end.  Poo.  Maybe I can still give a week or two.  Heck, him moving to Vegas means we're going to be living the closest we've been in years.  That's a nice thought.

Speaking of summer, I was heavily encouraged yesterday that what I need to do this summer is get involved in the Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti.  Hmm.  That might be good, especially since I've been told it's a terrific place to meet girls.  :)  I've lost 15 pounds since the Super Bowl, and if I can lost 5 more this week, I'll still be on track for my goal of 10 a month.  If I could lose 10 in April and 10 in May...maybe the single ladies, all the single ladies, will be looking for me.

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